Tips/Tricks for Social Media Marketing

How often should you post?
* Find a balance and stick to it – Normally if you post fewer than twice per week or more then twice per day y you will either not involvement or over-engage your target audience. So what’s the magic number? In my opinion it’s somewhere intermediate 5-10 posts per week. Be sure to maintain consistency, your audience will learn to see et cetera it will pay off big time! For instance if you only have time for 4 posts per week, that’s much better than 1o one week, 1 the next etc.

Tips/Tricks for posting on Facebook
1. Post offers – Motivate your audience to trouble your website or come back by providing an offer. Discounts and promotional offers demise promote sharing, advise commenting et cetera is a nobleness room to excite customers about your business.
2. Tag people, locations & businesses – When you tag another entity in a post Facebook sends them a notification. This makes them feel included and want to join the conversation.
3. Always be positive et cetera uplifting – There are enough negative stories in the media, suppose a difference to people by offering positive and inspirative content. Not nothing but will this make you feel better, it will also encourage your ear to read, remark and share your posts.
4. Provide facts – The greater value you can provide your reader the better, but only offer a portion of that value or benefit in your short summary. This contrary get them interested enough to succeed on the post and read more.
5. Track your links – Protasis you provide a liaison in your post, squander TInyURL else, these services also allow you to circuit how many people are clicking through.
6. Always make time to engage on your recognize posts – Posts aren’t the only activities that grab attention; we all know we like to check out the comments section too. Forge a plan to stop awake on your posts comments often to engage with your audience. Be helpful, answer questions and provide additional resources for information. The more value you can add to your audience the expanded rely & loyalty you demand gain.
7. Try to Include images whenever possible – Posts with images get the highest amount of audience vow on Facebook, THE END.

Tips/Tricks for posting on Google+
1. Post relevant content – Use a tap like google trends to find out what customers are in the caprice for and post content enveloping those subjects.
2. Tag brands and people for more engagement – When brands and people are tagged, they receive notifications from Google+, and just like Facebook tagging this can lead to increased engagement with posts.
3. Stay popular – Get involved with the latest “trends” to go where the eyes are. This will greatly improve visibility and show that your brand is in touch with prevailing events.

4. Use hashtags even though we exclusively hate them – Increase your page’s reach alongside adding relevant hashtags to your posts.
5. Find complimentary communities to find your perfect audience – Find communities complimenting your niche and contribute your expertise, your engagement will increase with an audience already rapt in similar markets. For instance if you operate a web design pragmatic you could target communities such as small business owners. You could lend a hand with free website tips/tricks and gain a nobleness reputation with a steady stream of long-term business.
6. Use larger images – Whenever possible, use full-sized images (800×600) to make your posts stand out from the crowd.

Tips/Tricks for posting Pinterest
1. Make sure learn engines can find you – In your “account settings” seat “search privacy”, you will see you can hide your profile from search engines like Google, Bing etc. Therefore a business you DO NOT want to be hidden. Make sure this setting indicates “no”.
2. Play well with others – Don’t simply worry about your own account. Join lots of other boards with a lot of members such as levity pics etc. Pin to these boards as well as yours and do it as often as you can.
3. Multiple colors – Images with bold colors such as red, pink and lowering green are joint up to three times more.
4. Use vertical images – Vertically images perform much better than do horizontal images.
5. Be consistent to gain momentum – As plus other mediums, develop a goal of how much time you’re going to devote per week and conglutinate to it. I stunted time every week is better that a lot of time once in a while.

Tips/Tricks for posting on Twitter
1. Target influencers – Utility @ mentions to prompt influencers (you know, the people who have the most friends & engagement) to gain their attention and the attention regarding their large following.
2. Don’t opheffen shy – Vicissitude your profile picture to a real picture of yourself or business. This shows confidence, personalization and thereupon builds trust.
3. Punctuation – Don’t sacrifice grammar thus you have limited characters. Always put your best foot forward when representing yourself and/or business.
4. Retweet for retweets – Mind to give first, in disposition to get. Retweet relevant content from others to help others and increase the likelihood they will return the favor.
5. Use keywords – Harness the 160-character Twitter BIO limit including keywords your potential followers are searching for (use google adwords “keyword tool” for ideas).
6. Promote “thought worthy” conversation – Instrumental questions, facts, and figures to engage your ear and drive retweets.