GCL states New Marketing Director for Perfection Global

Elk Grove Village, IL, February 03, 2014 – Perfection Global, a international leader in the purchase, remarketing, and sale of industrial assets, recently announced the addition concerning Christine Przybylinski like head of its marketing team. As the new Marketing Director at PERFECTION GLOBAL, Przybylinski will be reporting now to COO Joe Lundvick and bestow breathe implementing effective marketing programs and strategy, strengthening brand equity, overseeing public relation programs, and implementing event marketing tactics.

“I am excited to apply my experience in marketing and brand system to PERFECTION GLOBAL, which offers a wide variety of services within the realm about industrial treasure management,” said Przybylinski. “I am excited to play an integral role in PERFECTION’s continued success comme il faut one of the peak performing companies worldwide in the asset management industry. I am eager to get started and take PERFECTION’s marketing strategy to the next level.”

A 2007 graduate of Valparaiso University, Christine majored in philosophy while actively volunteering as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for children removed from their homes by the Realm from State and advocating on their behalf. Throughout ample regarding her career, Przybylinski has worked on many national and international wide scale marketing projects. Prior to hier position at PERFECTION, Przybylinski worked as a Director of Marketing at DRIFIRE®, where she oversaw large-scale event planning, brand strategy, market research and analysis, product bombard campaigns, name sponsorships, and social media.

“Christine’s mighty marketing background also expertise testate be useful to the growth and character development of the four main business units under the PERFECTION GLOBAL umbrella, as well as the improvement of PERFECTION’s overall marketing strategy,” said Lundvick. “I am confident that Christine’s addition to the Fulness GLOBAL team will capacitate us to significantly increase our marketing exposure and produce a fresh perspective to our marketing efforts.”

ABOUT Perfection Global: Established in 1963, Perfection Global LLC is a intercontinental leader in the purchase, remarketing including sale concerning industrial assets. Perfection has more than 50 years about breakthrough evaluating, procuring, marketing and selling machine tools, fabricating machinery, urge equipment and other zealous money for timely, zenith return.

For all of the current PERFECTION GLOBAL account and updates, visit http://www.perfectionglobal.com. You tin also follow Perfection on Facebook (facebook.com/PERFECTIONGLOBAL).

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