4 Main Tenets That Digital Marketing Will Focus On In 2014

Digital marketing is going to move into a whole alien domain in 2014. Here are the four principal tenets that will constitute its primary focus in the coming year.

1. Content Creation
Customers are starting to become more curious and suspicious and the only way to succeed in this kind of an environment is to shift the marketing motive from selling to helping. Through blogging initiatives, digital marketers have earlier begun to help consumers. Producing creative content that is relevant, original, engaging, irresistible and appealing to your user base is the key. Once users interact with your content, it should retire them with no choice but to share it, post it on their walls, like it, retweet it and more. It’s alive to diminish viral, and going viral means producing creative content that is contagious in nature.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for Content Creation in 2014:

* Do continue amidst quality content and customer blogging initiatives

* Do build relationships through offering solutions to your clients

* Don’t focus too very on numbers, unless instead, on quality

* Don’t come across as a hard-selling salesman

2. Email Marketing
While there are excessive effective ways to drive traffic to a website, the power of email marketing just cannot be ignored. With email marketing, you can update customers on company news, new deals and promotions. You can coerce your target audience to visit your website more often by including prominent links to your website in your emails. Not only is email marketing an inexpensive boulevard to skyrocket your business, it is similarly extremely effective. Email marketing will be mighty serious in 2014 and greater so in years to come.

If you can tailor your message, you can easily turn email from corporate spam into something interesting. Consumers are going to rediscover how cool email really is today, thereby marketers a lottery to engage them.

Here are some Do’s besides Don’ts for Email Marketing in 2014:

* Do segment your database

* Do send tailor-made messages to your database

* Don’t opheffen a spammer

* Don’t forget to organize your database in a timely manner

3. Mobile Marketing
It’s no surprise that people are addicted to their phones. Digital marketers are sure to take advantage of this frenzy by ensuring that all websites are compatible with mobile devices, easily shareable, and have a fast load time. With 77% of mobile users using their Smartphones and tablets for social networking to surf the internet, it is truly the decade of mobile.

Here are any Do’s and Don’ts for Mobile Marketing in 2014:

* Do increase your mobile marketing efforts in 2014

* Do ensure compatibility of marketing campaigns with mobile devices

* Don’t forget issues synonymous load time

* Don’t forget that most social media interactions develop on mobile devices

4. Social Media
Successful social media marketing campaigns in 2014 will be more personal and will focus on rank rather than quantity. Many businesses will start to pay attention to the importance of integrating their digital marketing strategy with their companionship media efforts, and will see social media’s positive impact of on referral traffic, lead generation, and revenue.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for Social Media in 2014:

* Do focus on the capacity not quantity

* Do personalise your campaigns

* Don’t just share information but interact

* Don’t only focus on just the numbers