Why move to Prior Lake?

When one starts to look for a home in the South Metro there’re so many different places that they can look better great. Whether you want to be close to the city and Burnsville or Eagan, or little bit further south in Lakeville for the arts are bigger and every year gets ranked as one of the best places to live the South Metro has a lot to offer.

One of the up-and-coming gems of the south metro is Prior Lake.  Up until recently prior Lake was really just a small-town on the outskirts of the Twin Cities. About a decade ago prior Lake began to grow and grow quickly. And has one of the largest recreational lakes in the Twin Cities as well as good schools and large yards while keeping that small town feel.

Someone considering moving to prior Lake should consider that even residents you’ve been here for 20 years are considered the new guys by those whose families have been in the area for 100 years.  My experience here’s been that the longtime locals are pretty easy to work with and pretty nice but that word travels really fast in the small-town.

There’re a couple of distinct areas of real estate in prior Lake.  Obviously there’s lakefront and quite a lot of it is available often times you’ll find someone will buy two lots that were smaller with cabins on them and combine them to create one large lot and build A new large mansion on the Lake.

The other alternative is to move into one of the McMansion developments going up throughout town.  While the school is in the north part of town on the border with savage the larger lots are actually on the east and south part of prior Lake.  If you like your privacy or enjoy more space that’s the area to look.

There’s always something to do if you’re from prior Lake because just on the road is Canterbury Downs the horsetrack that also has one of the best poker rooms in the country and just a few miles from there is Mystic Lake Casino which is one of the most profitable casinos in the upper Midwest. So whether you want to golf at the casino or any of the local high-end upper-class golf courses in the area or go boating on the lake or try your hand at some poker everything is within short drive.

The schools are beginning to become rated highly due to the influx of upwardly mobile families bringing in tax dollars and higher standards into the school district.  Along with that comes better sports programs that are beginning to compete for State titles.

If you were interested in moving to prior Lake it’s a good idea to work with a local agent and if you have questions on how to find a home for sale Prior Lake you should definitely start your search on Google or one of the top real estate sites.

I love Prior Lake and look forward to moving back so that I can see friends, neighbors, and colleagues who have since moved out there.

Summer Dayz